On 14th April 14:30, the Maria Fraile (Fundació NovesSendes) and Jordi Calvo (IPB Barcelona and Centre Delàs) participated in a conference at the International International Master & Doctorate in Peace, Conflict & Development Studies of the University of James I. This has been framed in the year of the World Peace Congress and Global Days of Action on Military Spending of the GCOMS campaign under the name of ‘Taking Action for Peace’. The organizing entities were the Universitat Jaume I within the Master in International Studies of Peace, Conflict and Development, the Armed Banking Campaign, the Fundació NovesSendes, Setem, the Centre Delàs of Peace Studies and the International Peace Bureau Barcelona.

At this conference, Maria Fraile spoke about pacifist activism promoting ethical finance from Campaigns against the Banca Armada and presented the Banca Armada App, whcih measures the “weapons footprint” of people’s savings at banks. Jordi Calvo then presented the World Peace Congress that will take place on 15, 16 and 17 October at the CCCB in Barcelona and also presented the Global Days of Action on Military Spending.