Covid-19 precautions and traveling requirements

Last updated on October 5

The Congress will happen under the Covid-19 restrictions in place in Barcelona.
This will mean that we will be making sure there is suitable distance between participants and that masks are worn indoors and in close contact.
You can see all measures that are being implemented in Barcelona to combat the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Please make sure you are aware of the traveling requirements in place both to enter and leave the country.
You can find this requirements depending on your country of origin here:
See also these resources prepared by the Spanish Ministery of Health.

If you’re traveling from another European country, you can find health requirements here:

If you need a test as a requirement to return to your country, you can find details and a list of labs here.
We strongly recommend that you make an appointment days or even weeks in advance, as demand for these tests is usually very high.