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October 15-17, 2021

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The main goal of the Second IPB World Congress is to provide a space for gathering and sharing experiences for all involved in international peace and justice movements. A place where we can foster synergies between organizations and individuals, and between interconnected social movements fighting for global justice: peace and disarmament advocates, feminist and LGBTQIA+ campaigners, ecologists and climate activists, antiracists and indigenous people, human rights defenders and trade unionists.

We want to promote the inclusion of a peace perspective within these movements, in order to better confront the global challenges of our time: climate change and environmental collapse, gender, racial and economic inequality, the Covid-19 pandemic, mass migrations, refugee crisis, humanitarian emergencies caused by war and repression, and more.

This Congress is an opportunity for diverse people, groups and causes to share strategies and to articulate alternatives together. A space to create and renovate tools and discourse, to mobilize citizens from all across the globe in favor of peace and disarmament. A place where we can (re) imagine our world, and take action for peace and justice. We invite you to join us at the Second World Peace Congress in Barcelona, organized by the International Peace Bureau.

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Why come?

We’re striving to bring together activists from all 5 continents, and to ensure a diverse representation in terms of age, gender and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, belief and spirituality, and personal and professional background. Young participants are notably encouraged to join the event!

To become

part of making our world a more just, green and peaceful place!

To connect

and share knowledge, experience and visions with people from all over the world

To meet

and discuss things that matter with international experts and activists.

To join

numerous talks, presentations, roundtables, panel discussions, workshops, market stalls, exhibitions and cultural activities!

To speak out

loud, strong, and unified for peace, justice and a reimagining of what our world should look like.


Take action for peace and justice with Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Jody Williams, Duarte Pacheco, Wada Masako, Beatrice Fihn and many more.

The Second World Peace Congress will bring together a wide variety of experts and advocates from all around the world. Speakers will come from all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds, including both high level representatives and grassroots level voices. It will equally involve diverse fields: peace organizations, feminist and civil rights groups, labor unions, environmentalists, educators, religious and spiritual leaders , development workers, human rights advocates,
and more.


We invite you to join us at the Second World Peace Congress in Barcelona, organized by the In The International Peace Bureau. Registration is open and free, although we welcome all financial support for the congress, in the way that works best for you.
Pre-order the welcome package for 20€* that includes Congress promotional items and some locally-made products. Further donations are also appreciated.

*By Paypal payments or credit card


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First Congress Newsletter and Updates

First Congress Newsletter and Updates

IPB World Peace Congress NewsletterJune 2021Dear Congress participants, contributors and supporters,We at IPB have been hard at work preparing to bring you all an unforgettable event in October. In this newsletter we have compiled a summary of what we have been up to...

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Military spending for social spending webinar

Military spending for social spending webinar

On May 5th (18:30h Central European Time) we participated in the webinar on Military spending for social spending, in order to speak about how current levels of military spending condition our responses to the global emergencies of our time. Speakers include: Chloé...

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Prep-Con · Taking Action for Peace, Castellón (Spain)

Prep-Con · Taking Action for Peace, Castellón (Spain)

On 14th April 14:30, the Maria Fraile (Fundació NovesSendes) and Jordi Calvo (IPB Barcelona and Centre Delàs) participated in a conference at the International International Master & Doctorate in Peace, Conflict & Development Studies of the University of James...

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Highlights from 2016 Congress

Five years after our 2016 Berlin Congress, “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace”, the International Peace Bureau is proud to host the Second IPB World Peace Congress, “(Re) Imagine Our World: Action for Peace and Justice” in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. The successful results of Berlin 2016 have inspired us to gather again and to bring together an even larger group to continue the momentum and bring more voices in to our vision for the future.

“Disarm! For a Climate of Peace,” was held the fall of 2016 in Berlin and it brought together a wide variety of experts and advocates from all around the world, with over 1.000 participants from 58 different countries, including 4 Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

About us

The leading organization of the World Peace Congress is the International Peace Bureau (IPB). Founded in 1891, IPB is the world’s oldest and largest international peace federation, emerging as a result of consultations at the Universal Peace Congresses, large gatherings held annually to bring together the national peace societies that had gradually developed, mainly in Europe and North America. The organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910 “for acting as a link between the peace societies of the various countries”. As of 2019, thirteen IPB members have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The IPB headquarters is in Berlin and it has two decentralized offices in Geneva and Barcelona.

As a centenary organization, the IPB has both the prestige and the capacity to summon a wide spectrum of organizations, activists, experts, academics, politicians and other decision-makers from all around the globe. It also has the know-how to work in a participatory way, involving the grassroots level, which will contribute to a multi-level diverse congress, with active involvement of participants and a sense of ownership by all partner peace organizations.


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